Amber Bohan

Director of Wholesale Operations

Amber was born in St. Helena and grew up in St. Helena and later, Calistoga. As a young person she worked in several coffee establishments in Napa Valley before coming to the Roasting Company five years ago. “It’s here where my decision to be a coffee professional was almost instant. The environment, the staff, the customers, and the coffee (especially the coffee) were amazing. The information I was taught on my first day about coffee was more than I had learned in four years at the other coffee shops. In these past five years, I see that coffee is way more than just a pick me up in the morning. It’s served all over the world and is great at all times of day. There are many health benefits to drinking coffee and the grounds are perfect for gardening and compost. At the Roasting Company, we are distinctive because we not only serve coffee from several different regions around the world, but we roast every single bean that is sold in our stores,” she says. “In the past two years of my employment here, I have had the honor of being a roaster myself. By doing this, I have learned how to compare and contrast different varieties and see how roasting all of them at different temperatures makes them all unique in their own ways,” she adds.