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We supply wineries, restaurants, offices, bed and breakfasts, and hotels throughout Napa Valley with freshly roasted wholesale coffee. Orders in 5 lbs. increments are delivered in plastic zip-lock bags.  Orders in 12 oz. bags and 2 oz. bags are delivered in heat-sealed, one-way valve bags.  Free delivery on Wednesdays from City of Napa north to Calistoga.  Orders must be in by Tuesday for Thursday delivery.  We will always do our best to fulfill last-minute orders, but because of our high-quality, small-batch roasting philosophy, sometimes we may not have enough coffee on hand to fulfill an order (however, not for long; we would typically be roasting the next day).  Similarly, we will do our best to accommodate deliveries on any day of the week.  Customers may also pick up wholesale orders at our stores.  For coffee delivered via UPS or similar carrier, shipping charges are added to your invoice. For more information contact our wholesale department through one of the links above.

Amber B Wholesale Operations Manager