Doug Dunlap

Doug dunlap

Director of Retail Operations

“My pivotal coffee moment, the experience which made me realize I wanted to be a coffee professional, was when I went to a three day training seminar about coffee in Long Beach in 2007. I was amazed with the amount of people, classes, new products and equipment. It was then that I realized this is a huge part of the world economy and a fascinating industry to be working in. I communicated with people who were recently involved with the coffee industry and connected with long time acquaintances within the industry.”

Doug was born in Klamath Falls, Oregon and grew up in St. Helena. He served in the United States Army Reserve for eight years. His tour included serving on a funeral detail which traveled around the South providing honor guard service for fallen soldiers’ services.

Doug loves to garden and cook. One of his favorite kitchen tools is his slow cooker: “I love to cook beef stew with the slow cooker; there is something to be said about waiting and being patient for your food!”

“In my twenty years at The Napa Valley Coffee Roasting Company, I see that coffee is a delicate commodity that requires attention to detail, from harvesting a coffee bean that is hand-picked off the tree to roasting in small batches ensuring one end of the roasted coffee is as perfect as the other end. Medical studies have shown that coffee can possibly lower the risk of diabetes, protect the liver, relieve muscle pain associated with exercise and is a good source of fiber, a great source of antioxidants. Coffee certainly gives you energy and puts you in a good mood.

At the Roasting Company, we are distinctive because we specialize in small batch roasting which improves the final roasted coffee product. Roasting in larger quantities risks one part of the coffee being roasted darker than the other: imagine if you put every piece of clothing you own in the dryer to get dry at the same time---that would be impossible, right?!”