Moon Mocha in Celebration of the Solar Eclipse 2017

In celebration of the Solar Eclipse 2017, we created a unique drink to enjoy. On Monday, August 21st, enjoy our Moon Mocha; the best of chocolate worlds come together as one where dark chocolate meets white chocolate creating an ultimate mocha. We are topping off the Moon Mocha with a moon shaped dusting of Ghirardelli ground cocoa. 

Moon Mocha Flyer.jpg

August 21st the continental US will see its first total solar eclipse in 38 years. The next total solar eclipse to visit the US will be in 2024. Any given location will see a total solar eclipse only once in more than 300 years on average. Here at home, in Napa County, the eclipse will peak at 10:15:47AM PDT, when the moon obscures 78.2% of the sun.

Doug DunlapComment